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SEE PROOF! DJ Cuppy’s Favourite Food is Amala

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Amala is DJ Cuppy’s Favourite Food. You won’t believe billionaire Otedola’s daughter Favourite Food.

SEE PROOF! Amala is DJ Cuppy's Favourite Food, dj-cuppy-favourite-food
DJ Cuppy says traditional Yoruba dish, AMALA is her favourite dish.

Read her words below..

“My go-to meal is amala, ewedu and obe didin snail, it just sorts me out. When I meet people that say they don’t eat amala, I ask why? Some people say they are scared of it, it’s like the best thing in the world. I can’t even be with someone that can’t eat Amala. You can’t hang with me.”

SEE PROOF! Amala is DJ Cuppy’s Favourite Food



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